How to Travel Solo in London

London is the one city that should be on your bucket list for so many reasons– the food, the museums, the history, and the culture, to name a few. We’re jealous of anyone’s upcoming trip to the vibrant English city, and besides it being an attractive destination for families, friends and lovers, London is especially great for solo travelers as well. 

If you’ve got the courage for a solo trip, we know you’ll thrive with these useful travel tips. 


Traveling alone doesn’t have to be lonely, especially if you’ve decided to book a hostel. A great place to meet other travelers, hostels are full of people from all walks of life, and many hostels make it easy to start up a conversation. From communal breakfasts, to group activities, to conversation– inducing common areas, a hostel is the perfect place to meet a friend.

Food Halls and Markets

Food halls are a place with hundreds of other people, and many options for food. You’ll find other solo travelers here, and people that love to chat. Take a seat, and see who’s next to you– many people will welcome a conversation. 

Some of our favorites include:


London’s museums are amongst some of the most impressive in the world, offering some of the most famous works of art in history. There are many to choose from, and some are oftentimes free!

Oyster Card

Walking is hands-down the best way to travel through London, but familiarizing yourself with the tube will make your journey that much more efficient. 

London’s transport is easy to use, and quick to ride. The Oyster Card allows you to pay as you go, and take the  bus, tube, tram and more. It costs £5 for the card itself and you can get one at any station. There are also mobile payment options– read about how to do so on the Transport in London website.

Once you’ve figured that out, be sure to check out these stops:

  • Waterloo, nearest to the London Eye
  • King’s Cross, for Harry Potter fans
  • Oxford Circus, to get to Carnaby Street,
  • Piccadilly Circus, popular road junction and public space of London’s Wes and nearest station to Chinatown,
  • Knightsbridge Station, nearest the shopping emporium Harrods,

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How to Travel Solo in London