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The history, architecture, and artistic masterpieces of Gaudi, make Barcelona one of the most attractive destinations in Europe. Add the unforgettable beaches and world-class drinking and dining scene, and you’ll never want to leave this Mediterranean paradise.

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Essential Eats and Sights of Barcelona
Barcelona is a city with an abundance of sights, eats, and activities. If you’re only there for a short time, you have to know the must-do’s of this fabulous city. We list out the top of the top so your time is spent enjoying the best Barcelona has to offer!
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A Meat-Lover’s Guide to Eating in Barcelona
Spain has much good cuisine to offer meat lovers visiting the city. From chuletón de vaca vieja (Spanish ribeye) to cecina de león (3-year-cured beef), you can hear of the best cuts in the city right here.
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Where to go “De Tapas” in Barcelona
With a countless number of bars and tapas experiences to choose from, it can be hard to know which ones are truly the best. We’ve listed out some of our favorites from the city of Barcelona, and explain what makes each one unique!
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4 Must-Have Tapas in Barcelona
Barcelona is any food-lover’s paradise. Learn about some of our go-to tapas to order at the local bars. From bombas and croquettes, to montaditos and embotits, we’ve got you covered to read up on what to expect in the city of plenty.
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Eat this! 6 Spanish Dishes that are Vegetarian Friendly
Calling all vegans and vegetarians! There’s no need to worry about what you’re going to eat in the land of cheese and cured ham. There’s still plenty of veg-friendly local cuisine to keep you more than satisfied. We’ve already listed our fav restaurants to dine in and fav dishes to eat. Enjoy!
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The Best Breakfast, Brunch, and Coffee in Barcelona
It’s only inevitable that while in Barcelona, you’ll be on the hunt for a good brunch or good coffee to fuel your day of travel. Here are some of the best spots for a delicious breakfast in the city.
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Why Barcelona Isn’t Like the Rest of Spain
When people think Spain, they think Barcelona. But, the city is actually quite different from the rest of Spain for many reasons. From the people, to the culture, to the history of this mediterranean jungle, we’re here to tell you what differentiates Barcelona.
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An American’s Guide to Spanish Meals
When traveling to Spain, forget everything your mother told you about eating three balanced meals a day. In this country, the locals eat five times, and on a different schedule than you’re used to! Read to get our complete guide on the breakdown of the Spanish eating day.
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The Paella of Barcelona
Barcelona is known for its paella, but not all paella is created equal. In this post, we explain what good paella should look and taste like, and give you a couple restaurants that hit the mark on truly the best authentic paella in Barcelona.
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What Are the Popular Drinks in Spain?
Don’t know what drink to order in Spain? Avoid asking for what’s comfortable and try a beverage that will properly acquaint you with Spanish drinking culture. You’ll wish you could bring these drinks home with you!
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Spanish Women’s Fashion: What to Wear to Blend In
When traveling to Spain, be prepared to dress to impress. If you want to look like the locals do, you’ll need to pack the best items in your closet. In this guide, we break down Spanish women’s fashion, and tell you what to wear, and what not to wear to look like a local.
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3 Things to Expect as an American Traveling to Spain
You don’t go to Spain to do as the Americans do-- you go to Spain to do as the Spanish do! We don’t want you to show up on your vacation all too shocked by cultural differences, so here are some things to know before even packing your bags!
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