Essential Eats and Sights of Barcelona

Barcelona is probably Spain’s most notable city. Its beachy vibes mix with the energy of the  city to produce a place all of its own. A trip to Spain without visiting this metropolis at least once in your life would be a true mistake. Everything from the artistic influences of Gaudí to the worn cobblestones of Barceloneta, is a true delight for the eyes, and a treat for the stomach! 

Even if you’re in the city for just a few days, we at Buzziler believe you should always have a list of things to Eat, See, and Do. We wouldn’t recommend any other way to travel! See below for our Barcelona picks:

What to Eat

Barcelona is home to thousands of restaurants, many of which are top quality. An area of Spain where Barcelona, Catalonia, takes major pride in, is its heritage and identity– both of which include its cuisine. Taking inspiration from other areas of Spain, Catalan dishes are a great way to introduce your tastebuds to Spanish flavors. When in Barcelona, try these tasty bites:

Bombas — A fried mashed potato ball filled with delicious pork or beef accompanied by aioli and a spicy red tomato sauce. La Cova Fumada makes a tasty one!

Romesco Sauce — A Catalan sauce traditionally made with nuts and tomatoes, blended into a smooth paste eaten with just about anything!

Pa amb tomáquet — A simple yet delicious dish of fresh tomatoes and garlic rubbed onto toasted bread whilst still warm. 

Crema Catalana — The Catalan version of creme brûlée. Creamy vanilla custard with a hard sugary top to be enjoyed any time.

What to See

Barcelona is hands-down a visual masterpiece. The architecture is unlike anywhere else, thanks to Gaudí and the period of modernist art.

Due to the city’s size and quantity of landmarks, you probably won’t be able to fit every piece of scenery into one afternoon, but if you had to choose, then we would suggest our recommendations below:

La Sagrada Familia — A UNESCO world heritage site and probably Gaudí’s most incredible vision come to life. A Roman Catholic basilica started in 1882 and still under construction.

Casa Batlló — A modernist apartment building also designed by Gaudí and truly a jewel in Barcelona’s architecture.

Catedral de Barcelona — Barcelona’s principal cathedral with a stunning view of the city from the rooftop (ask once inside).

Montjuïc Castle — An 11th century castle placed in the Barcelona hills. Another great place for a view!

What to Do

This Catalonian city (the autonomous region of Spain that includes Barcelona) can satisfy the chill beach goer, or the city sightseer with all of the activities it can provide. Again, with limited time, you may need to plan your day accordingly to fit everything in.

But if you miss anything, it’s just a great excuse to make it back to this wonderful city! Here are our picks for things to do in Barcelona:

Boqueria Market — This bustling food market is a great place to start the day wandering around the food vendors and nibbling on some Spanish bites. If crowds aren’t your thing, try the Sant Antoni Market for a bit less chaos. 

La Barceloneta Beach — Taking a stroll along the boardwalk adjacent to the beaches in Barcelona might just be the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Gelato also helps! 

Park Güell — Gaudí outdid himself again when he helped create a housing development- turned-park modeled after English gardens, but with more color and flair. *Go at sunset for less crowds*

Barri Gòtic — The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona is a labyrinth of tiny streets adorned with artisans and restaurants. Get lost wandering in and out of shops for some original souvenirs.

Can’t decide where to eat? Why not join Buzziler’s Boqueria Market tour, tasting Spanish Oysters, Cava and Ibérico Ham at the most famous food market in Barcelona.

Essential Eats and Sights of Barcelona