Spanish Women’s Fashion: What to Wear to Blend In

Odds are, if you’re traveling to a foreign country, the locals will take one look at you and know you’re not from there. Apart from obvious giveaways, like an American accent, your clothes are a key identifier of where you come from. In this guide, we give you a few pointers on what the Spanish wear, so you’ll show up ready to blend right in.

Keep in mind that the Spanish are always intentional in how they present themselves. Madrid is one of the most well-known fashion hubs of the world, and is considered of the same caliber as Paris, and New York, celebrating their own Fashion Week in Madrid every year. Given the fact that people have varying tastes and interests in fashion in every city, people in Spain typically dress to impress.

Spanish fashion is bold– full of eye-catching patterns, colors, and styles. It’s common to see a woman walking down the street, showcasing the stellar gold necklace she bought at her neighborhood flea market the weekend prior. They’re not afraid to flaunt the most unique and impressive items of their closet, often playing with warm and bold colors, and always balancing the simple and unique. Gist is, The Spanish look good

While they care to please the eye, they don’t sacrifice functionality. Being a walking country, many outfits are planned with comfort in mind. Below, we list some examples of what you can wear in Spain to look like a local.

What to Wear in Hot Weather

  • Sneakers with skirts or dresses
  • Crop tops of every kind
  • Corduroy skirts and jackets
  • Long Shorts
  • Sandals
  • Doc Marten-style boots
  • Cross-body fanny packs
  • Long flowy skirts
  • Fun jumpsuits

What to Wear in Cold Weather

  • Black tights with skirts 
  • Doc Marten-style boots
  • Big scarves doubled around the neck
  • Trench and duster coats
  • Super tight jeans
  • Turtle necks 
  • Big jackets

What not to Wear

  • Flip flops
  • Booty shorts
  • Graphic Tees

Apart from general stereotypes, there’s many other trends in Spain that differ from mainstream fashion. For example, a significant demographic goes grunge, wearing all black and distressed jeans. Some may call it goth, or scene, but it’s widespread enough to just be another type of Spanish fashion. 

Whether the clothes on this list match your closet or not, it’s important to bring whatever makes you feel the most confident. The Spanish dress in every which way, from classic to eccentric– and if you can rock the items well from your own closet, you can appear to be like any Spanish local.

If you are in Spain, and want to enjoy a personalized shopping experience, contact us and we’ll help you discover the charming boutiques in your city.