What Are the Popular Drinks in Spain?

When traveling throughout Spain, you’ll quickly realize that Spain is a drinking country. The average beer costs only 1-2 euros, and wine might jump to 4– a revelation to anyone used to happy hours in Los Angeles, where a cocktail sells for a whopping $12.

You probably already know the basics of Spanish drinking: beer and wine. But the best experience comes from knowing what to order within those categories.

Una Clara

One part beer, one part casera, a lemon-flavored tonic water. For people who don’t like beer, but don’t necessarily want wine, the Clara is the perfect drink to order. It’s lighter and sweeter than straight beer, and has a hint of lemon that brings out hops in the beer you wouldn’t expect

Un Vino Tinto de Verano

Half wine, half soda water, and a bit of orange zest, this beverage is a local’s favorite, especially in the summertime. It’s refreshing and light, and can be ordered with either white or red wine, although red is normally the go-to.

PRO TIP: Sangria is a drink that should be prepared to marinate ahead of time. So Spaniards who like drinking sangria often ask for tinto de verano, which is just as delicious, but can be made-to-order without needing to wait.

Una Caña

A small house beer. Spaniards drink all day long, for hours at a time. Their trick is that they order small to keep pace themselves, and keep the party going as long as they feel like bar hopping, snacking on various tapas along the way.

Un Cava

It’s basically champagne that isn’t from France. Yummy and bubbly. If you order “champagne,” it will come straight from France, and be much pricier.

Un Vermouth

Vermouth is a fortified wine, usually red, that is served with either an olive or orange peel. There are many vermouth bars popping up all over the city, as the trend grows throughout the country.

PRO TIP: Spanish Vermouth isn’t like Vermouth from other countries– instead of mixing it in a cocktail, it can be drank straight from the tap.

Un Granizado

The Spanish version of a smoothie, these are non-alcoholic flavored ice drinks. They’re a sweet treat for an extra-hot day!