What to Eat, See and Do in a Day Trip to Seville

Seville, Spain. A beautiful Southwestern Spanish city filled with brilliant Moorish architecture, exotic flamenco dancing, and stunning Christian churches. Seville is a city filled to the brim with history dating back to the 8th century.

With so much history engrained in its streets, you might assume that Seville is a place deserving of weeks to explore. But even with limited time, the city easily welcomes travelers to explore, granting even those short on time an ample taste of what Seville has to offer.

What to Eat

Being limited on time doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a great meal, or two! Seville is a food-loving city that offers traditional Spanish dishes made with truly incredible produce, harvested with the same techniques throughout centuries. With over 4,000 tapas restaurants in Seville, not only will you have quality, but you’ll also have quantity! 

Some of our recommendations to try are the following:

Mercado de Feria – oldest market in the city, great for shopping or enjoying a small bite at Lonja de Feria.

Las Teresas – old style tapas bar known for its jamón ibérico and pulpo aliñado (seasoned octopus).

Espacio Eslava – a busy modern tapas spot making its mark in Seville for truly delicious tapas and wine.

Bodeguita Romero – another Seville institution with a lively local atmosphere and a delicious montadito de pringá (little shredded pork sandwich).

What to See

As previously mentioned, due to the intermixing of cultures throughout Seville’s history, the architecture is worth traveling for, alone. Just take the central cathedral, Catedral de Sevilla, finished in the 16th century, which is still the largest cathedral in the world! Attached to the cathedral is the Alcázar of Seville, another UNESCO world heritage site and exceptional example of christian-muslim influence throughout the city’s development. 

Some of our recommendations to see are: 

Seville Cathedral – 16th century gothic catholic cathedral.

Alcázar of Seville – Christian palace built atop a Muslim fortress, still used by the Spanish royal family of today when visiting.

Plaza de España – famous semi-circular building with trademark examples of Renaissance and Moorish influence.

What to Do

Seville’s mild climate makes it an excellent destination to explore year-round without the worry of packing for harsher conditions. A steamy summer might be it’s only drawback, but with plenty of options for inside and outside fun, you’ll never be left wondering what to explore next. 

Some of our favorite activities to try are: 

La Casa del Flamenco – Seville is home to an abundance of flamenco “tablaos” to see the famous artform. Catch a show at La Casa, or the infamous Tablao El Arenal. 

El Museo de Baile Flamenco – A great opportunity to learn more about the Andalusian dance’s history is by touring the museum dedicated to Flamenco. 

Climb the Giralda – climb the bell tower of the Seville Cathedral for sights and sounds of the past (with 24 bells, this cathedral has the most bells than any other  in the world!).

Can’t decide what to see and where to eat? Let us help you with that. Buzziler’s historical and tasty Tapas tour at the Jewish Quarter offers an authentic taste of Seville’s hidden gems.

What to Eat, See and Do in a Day Trip to Seville