Where to Find the Best Korean Food in Madrid

With a growing Korean community in Spain, Hansik (traditional Korean food also known as K-Food) has been making its way across the country’s capital for many years. People may have originally accepted Korean food as a strange, exotic cuisine that only Koreans consume; but nowadays, Korean restaurants have an increased awareness. They use the distinct, healthy, Korean food that includes a combination of fresh ingredients and fermented condiments.

Visiting a city as big as Madrid has its benefits, but the biggest is having options for delicious and authentic food, not only great Spanish cuisine but also  from all over the world — the only real struggle is knowing where to find it. 

Well, finding authentic Korean food isn’t a struggle anymore because the Korean Cultural Center in Spain (Centro Cultural Coreano en España) recently compiled a list of its best restaurants in Madrid. 

So, whether you’re a big fan of Korean food, or just looking for something different, these are the real deal.

You can discover the best of Korean cuisine in any of the above restaurants but our #BuzzilerRecommended pick in Madrid is Korea Restaurant at Calle de Cristóbal Bordiú, 59, where the food is authentic, affordable, and delicious!