Where to Go Clubbing in Madrid

If you’re traveling to Madrid, you may or may not be prepared for the nightlife that awaits you.

Spaniards party late, they party hard, and they love to dance. From clubs with a mix of American top-hits and reggaeton to Latin-only clubs, cities like Madrid offer plenty of options, which is why it’s known to have one of the best dancing scenes in the world. 

When going out in Madrid, don’t expect any club to open until midnight. Most people don’t arrive until after 1 a.m. and will stay partying until after 5 a.m. The pregame starts after dinner, around 11 p.m., and most club entry fees include your first beverage. 

Spaniards dancing music of choice is either Latin music or Electronic Dance Music, so most clubs feature those genres pretty strongly. However, there are clubs with music of all types throughout the city. 

Teatro Kapital

One of the larger clubs in the city, Kapital has seven dance floors with all types of music, from techno and house, to pop and hip hop, to salsa, and even rock n’ roll. It’s huge on the inside, and probably one of the most lively in the city– it even has dancing performances!

To find more information visit their website at teatrocapital.com.


If you’re a fan of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Opium Madrid is the place to go. A restaurant during the day, it turns into a trendy nightclub, where a lot of people dress to impress. Monday night is Mambo music, one of the locals’ favorite times to go.

To find more information visit their website at opiummadrid.com.

Teatro Barceló

An iconic club in the city center, Teatro Barceló is a favorite for locals and travelers alike because of its exclusivity. You must be 23 to enter, and dress elegantly to be considered for entry. Celebrities can be seen dancing in the VIP section, and the music is some of the best.

To find more information visit their website at teatrobarcelo.com.


If you want a more local and latin vibe, Liberty is a fun bar/club in the Salamanca neighborhood that will give you a great chance to practice your Spanish and get to know the locals.

To find more information visit their website at libertysupperclub.com.

Fucking Monday at Cocó

Every Monday night is a huge international party for all travelers at Cocó! With a variety of fun music, this is a mingling crowd where you are sure to walk away with a story.

To find more information visit their website at nightlifemadrid.com.

Now, tell us if you survived our Madrid nightlife recommendations 🙂 or if you’ve got any other good party recommendations?